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Nameless Ghoul Comments on Anti-Ghost and Anti-Anti-Ghost Petitions

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Nameless Ghouls. Photo via Wikipedia

First there was a petition to get Ghost to break up. Then there was a petition against the petition to get Ghost to break up. Then our eyes rolled so far back into our heads in incredulity that we began to be mistaken for Jens Kidman clones. And then one of the Nameless Ghouls of Ghost commented on the matter.

The comment comes from a recent interview with Radio Futuro in Chile, transcribed by Blabbermouth. Here’s the quote:

These petitions, I could not care less. It’s completely, completely, just stupid. For us, it doesn’t make a difference. There is no petition in the world that can make us change. I mean, why would we? For me, I didn’t even know that you can petitions like that before this. So I was just laughing [when I first heard about it]. And then we went on to the next page of our lives. It’s just laughable, because these people, don’t realize that the more you talk about us, the more we’re gaining? And if they don’t understand that, you cannot do anything but laugh at the whole thing.

He’s certainly right, isn’t he? The initial petition accomplished the exact opposite of its stated goal, generating a whole load of extra and unexpected publicity for Ghost. Now that I’m thinking about it, wouldn’t it be something if that petition was orchestrated by someone within Ghost’s own camp? It wouldn’t be completely out of character for them, although I still kinda doubt that’s the case. Hmmmm.

And then we stopped talking about Ghost petitions forever.

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