Casualties of Cool Take a “Flight” in Gorgeous New Video


Casualties of CoolDevin Townsend and Ché Dorval’s Casualties of Cool record is one that’s flown mostly under the radar (excepting the big splash its crowd-funding campaign made). Part of that probably has to do with the fact that the album was initially only made available to campaign backers, and is still only available digitally to the U.S. public (physical copies are finally available in the EU here). But the bigger issue is that it’s not a metal record. Like, at all. People expecting a balls-out Heavy Devy record along the lines of Deconstruction, Ziltoid or even Epicloud were probably disappointed. But holy bajesus, it’s a really good record! This is exactly what I was talking about when I complained that today’s metal bands aren’t taking enough risks. Devin is a risk-taker, and the results here are astounding.

In June we got to see a creepy animated video for the album track “Mountaintop,” and now we get an equally captivating, if more abstract, clip for “Flight.” I’m really enjoying these visual accompaniments — Casualties is a cool record on its own, but these videos really serve to bring out the detail. Here’s what Devin has to say about the new one:

Casualties Of Cool is one of my favourite things, if not my favourite thing I’ve done to date. It’s pretty left of centre, and now that my big Z2 project and all its chaos is nearing completion, it means even more to me. A dark and quiet place to go. 

Finally, its available for people who didn’t order through Pledge, and I’m proud to present the video for ‘Flight’, done by long-time friend and collaborator Konrad Palkeiwicz. Konrad moved to an Island and filmed his interpretation of the song and I think it’s beautiful.

We have been rehearsing for our upcoming shows at Union Chapel and Savoy Teatteri in Finland, and it’s really a pleasure to have the ability to do this type of music.’ 

Thank you for the support!


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