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“Endless Slaughter”: Limp Bizkit Find Innovative New Ways to be Terrible


Limp Bizkit Fans in 2013

When I reviewed Limp Bizkit’s Gold Cobra back in 2011, my biggest criticism of the album — besides the fact that it exists, I mean — was that the band had failed to find new innovations in drek:

“Limp Bizkit still sound just like Limp Bizkit. They have not found out a way to truly challenge themselves, which is to say, they have not evolved to some other, higher platitude of badness. Frankie Emmure writes lyrics that make Durst’s seem as though they were composed by a Harvard-educated feminist, Winds of Plague one-upped Borland’s gimmicky shittiness by becoming the Menudo of female keyboard players, and Oceano couldn’t find a hook on a coat rack. But all Limp Bizkit have to offer is more or less the same shit they were slinging twelve years ago? Honky white boys be trippin’!

Well, it would appear that the group has heard my concerns, because they are absolutely, 100% addressed on their new song, “Endless Slaughter.” The track is fucking AWFUL, which is par for the course for Limp Bizkit, but it’s awful in ways of which I never could have dreamed. It sounds like they took a thirteen-year-old and a homeless dude off the street, got them hammered, and then had them record vocals over an unused track from Wes Bore-land’s “experimental” Big Dumb Face project, and it’s so structureless that if it were a skyscraper, it would collapse immediately following the ribbon cutting ceremony. If the song were a human being, it would be Stephen Hawking without Stephen Hawking’s genius. Lambgoat has already proclaimed it to be “the worst song of 2014,” adding, “It’s not half bad. It’s all fucking bad.” And that barely does its horrendousness justice. Whatever else you wanna say about it, I doubt you’ve heard anything quite like it. 

You can download the song for free here, or just stream it below.

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