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Adrenaline Mob Learned That Bassist John Moyer Was Sitting Out Their Tour Via Facebook

  • Axl Rosenberg

Bassist John Moyer appears to have made a serious oopsie!, and I’m not just talking about his decision to join Disturbed.

With that band on hiatus and exactly no one clamoring for a Union Underground reunion, Moyer has been spending his time playing bass for Adrenaline Mob, the supergroup which currently also features Symphony X’s Russell Allen and Twisted Sister’s A.J. Pero. But I guess he doesn’t want that gig anymore, because he did this:

Which would be all well and good — musicians sit out tours all the time — except, uh…

Sheesh. How does a well know, successful band suffer from such a severe breakdown in communication? Moyer isn’t some shmoe off the street; the guy’s taste in bands might be questionable, but he’s been successful for a long time now, and we can therefore assume, behaves professionally. I guess it’s possible he told management and management somehow failed to convey the message to the rest of the band, but that seems highly unlikely. Does anyone know if Russell Allen is just, like, the biggest burnout ever?

In any case, Metal Insider surmises that this means the Disturbed hiatus is coming to an end. So, y’know. Break out the strychnine champagne. Happy days are here again. Whoopee.

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