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The Best (Well, Worst) Guitar Fails of 2014 (So Far)


Few things make for better schadenfreude than someone desperately trying, and failing, to be cool. Which is why videos of shit going seriously wrong for guitarists is usually so funny. Okay, so sometimes the incident really isn’t the guitar player’s fault — it’s a technical issue beyond their control or whatever. But a lot of the time, it’s the result of a man or woman completely misjudging his or her ability to do something memorably theatrical. You should never make fun of someone trying and failing to do something noble, but you can always make fun of someone for trying and failing to do something vain.

Which is why this new compilation video of 2014’s most horrific guitar fails from Uniformedia (by way of Metal Injection) is terrific. Some of them, like the one which befalls Opeth, go under the “not the musician’s fault” category, but a lot of them totally were the musician’s fault, and you can therefore laugh at them free of guilt.

And they’re telling, too! Satchel from Steel Panther embraces the embarrassing nature of his failure, while Metallica’s James Hetfield briefly settles for sounding terrible, then starts to sound slightly better, all the while failing to acknowledge his error. Both of these instances are par for the course with these dudes. These videos are like walking, talking, head banging psychology lessons.

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