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Dani Filth Helps Motionless in White Be the Worst Band They Can Be


motionless in filthHaving apparently taken ripping off Marilyn Manson as far as they could, Motionless in White have now turned their attention to ripping off another band that likes to wear make-up and was considered controversial in the 90s: Cradle of Filth. (Maybe someday they’ll get to the Spice Girls?) The difference is that whereas they had to hire Tim Skold — a.k.a. “a former member of Marilyn Manson about whom no one really cares” — to write their MM-style stuff, they’ve manged to get Dani Filth — a.k.a. “the only member of Cradle of Filth about whom people really care” — to appear on their CoF “homage.”

In all fairness, the entire song doesn’t sound like a terrible Cradle of Filth aping. Some of it sounds like a terrible emocore aping. So it’s really like two shitty songs for the price of one. Whatever else you can say about MiW, you can’t accuse them of failing to give their bands enough bang for their buck.

Stream Motionless in White’s “Puppets 3: The Grand Finale”* below, courtesy of Revolver. The band’s new album, Recycle Reincarnate, comes out September 16 on Fearless. The album also features an 18 Visions rip-off, so it’s very diverse, like an unbearably awful Use Your Illusion.

*Christ, even their song titles suck.

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