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The Heaviest Thing You Will Hear All Day: Stream Belphegor’s New Album Conjuring the Dead in Full Right Now!


Belphegor - Conjuring the DeadMetalSucks writers have described Belpegor’s ass-rippingly heavy new album Conjuring the Dead thusly:

“Heavy and fierce as fuck no matter how you approach it.” – Sammy O’Hagar

“It will rip you a new asshole. So, y’know. Don’t listen to it unless your toilet is equipped to handle multiple poops at once.” – Axl Rosenberg 

“Just what my brain requires to be perfectly pummeled into a mess of scrambled grey matter.” – Me, two weeks ago

“Ass-rippingly heavy.” – Me, just now.

Yes, it’s that good. Don’t believe us? Stream the entire album below. It came out on Tuesday and can be ordered here. Toilet paper not included.

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