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Babymetal Meet Unlocking the Truth, Universe Explodes


FDR, Churchill, and Stalin in Yalta. Charlie Chaplin and Mahatma Gandhi in London. Richard Nixon and Elvis Presley in The White House. Some meetings are so historic that photographs from the event become a part of pop culture and burn themselves into our collective memory forever and all time; these images loom so very large in the annals of history that the camera can barely contain them.

Ladies and gentlemen, today we have another such image to add to that list: the time Japanese moppet metal sensation Babymetal met American moppet metal sensation Unlocking the Truth at Canadian regular metal sensation(al festival) Heavy Montréal.

Babymetal and Unlocking the TruthThe fact that these six young men and women were able to occupy the same physical space without causing some effect similar to crossing the streams in Ghostbusters must be nothing short of a miracle. We’ve already made this photo the new desktop wallpaper for every computer in the MetalSucks Mansion.

In related news, Babymetal also met Metallica’s Kirk Hammett at the same fest this weekend:Babymetal Meet Kirk Hammett

This means that these young ladies have now met at least one current member of every Big Four band save for Megadeth. Which makes sense — Dave Mustaine probably hates Asians, both because he’s a racist and because they remind him of Marty Friedman, which makes him sad.

[via Facebook, by way of Metal Injection]

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