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Sh*t That Comes Out Today: August 12, 2014

  • David Lee Rothmund


Hello MetalSucks people! Thank you for reading Shit That Comes Out Today, our uncouthly-titled but marvelous round-up of today’s heavy new releases and free listens to them :) We’re glad you’re here, now please help us dig through all this new metal! Oh oh and if we missed something legit that comes out today-ish in the USA, could we trouble you to internet us with the info? Now let’s go! Let’s boogaloo til we puke!


John 5 CarefulJohn 5
Careful With That Axe (60 Cycle Hum)
On a playlist with: Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Buckethead
Listen “This Is My Rifle” (here)

John 5 is a talent tainted by bad association. Rob Zombie. Marilyn Manson. Gigs that don’t exactly befit a virtuoso guitarist. And neither is this album: John 5’s obvious talents notwithstanding, Careful With That Axe is too literal a title. Here, he doesn’t achieve something like the suave brightness of Paul Gilbert, the dazzle of Jeff Loomis, or the lawlessness of Buckethead. There’s no real point here.


Feeding Fiction (Roadrunner)
On a playlist with: Secrets, The Color Morale, Outline In Color
Listen Feeding Fiction full stream (here)

Ever browse through your music library only to find an album that forgot having purchased? Then you spin it thinking, “omg, tunes I forgot about are basically new tunes altogether!” But that doesn’t work with Heartist: I dug up their 2012 EP and as a result I’m in a horrible mood. And Feeding Fiction is worse.


Botanist VI FloraBotanist
VI: Flora (Flenser)
On a playlist with: Marmaleek, Menace Ruine
Listen VI: Flora full stream (here) “Callistemon” and “Stargazer” (here)

Today I learned that botany is, uh, metal? VI: Flora is as organic and environmentally friendly as produce in California. The Botanist sound is your favorite postmetal band (Isis, Cult Of Luna, Pelican) toned down and toked out, with a bit of blackening. Maybe being gentle and nice to nature is a thing.


Starless Aeon (Midnite Collective)
On a playlist with: mind-melting mind alterations
Listen “Atonement/Beneath The Black Veil” (here)

Funerary is here in case you missed this week’s psychiatry appointment. Or, say, you were planning on going to your local modern art gallery for the sound/film exhibitions, but you got distracted by insurmountable feelings of dread and hatred for all organic matter (sorry, Botanist). Starless Aeon is definitely a dab-will-do-ya sipper of an album, just close yer eyes and let it sink in.


Ravenous (FDA Rekotz)
On a playlist with: Wound, Morfin, Derogatory
Listen “Ravenous” (here)

Campy German death metal always rules. Really, it fucking does: slow breakdowns, over-fuzzed guitars, and gutter-vocals round Ravenous out as a solid and underground release in the genre. What I really appreciate, though, is the clean delivery and simplistic organization. It’s like the Autobahn: follow the rules, don’t die, go fast.



Abysmal Lord Storms Of Unholy Black Mass EP (Hells Headbangers) listen
Atara / Miserable Failure Hang Them split (Kaotoxin) listen
Evil United Honored By Fire (MVD) listen

» Grifter Return Of The Bearded Brethren (Ripple) listen
Monumentomb Ritual Exhumation EP (Metal Music Austria) listen
Morgoth “God Is Evil”/”Die As Deceiver” single (Century Media)
grifter thereturn of the bearded brethren» Rabbits Untoward (Lamb Unlimited) listen

Shaved Women Just Death (Ektro) listen
Twitching Tongues World War Live (Closed Casket Activities) listen
Unisonic Light Of Dawn (Armoury) listen

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