Dear Television Executives: Please Greenlight a Steel Panther Program NOW

  • Axl Rosenberg

Steel Panther Something Caught in the ToothThe members of Steel Panther aren’t just great musicians — they’re also great comedic actors (they might object to me calling them “actors,” but it’s not like anyone is unaware that they’ve got personas so…). The ways they interact with and riff on one another… and so much of it is totally improvised!… it’s just amazing. You can literally just sit and watch them have a conversation for an hour, and they’ll never break character, and they will make you laugh the entire time. Fuck, Lexxi Foxx can fart on cue!!! He deserves come kind of award.

Or, at the very least, a Steel Panther television series. Which, Metal Injection reports, the band is trying very hard to make happen! They apparently did a pilot for Comedy Central a few years back with comedian Brian Posehn and Jackass co-creator/future director of The Dirt movie, Jeff Tremaine, but I guess the network didn’t pick it up. Which is sad… but in a new interview with Journey of a Frontman, vocalist Michael Starr says the project ain’t dead yet:

“Oh, dude, it’s so laboring, dealing with this fucking TV show. Getting a record deal, I thought that was hard. It’s like finding a golden nugget the size of your balls. It’s really, really hard to get a record deal, but it’s even harder to procure a TV deal. There’s so much going on with it. So where we’re at with it, we are in negotiations to start shooting. That’s where we’re at. We’ve been in negotiations to start shooting episodes for about a year now. It’s like dating a retarded chick — are we gonna fuck or not? Either fuck or get out of bed. Our show’s gonna be based on what people don’t know about Steel Panther because there’s a lot of awareness that could be raised about Steel Panther. And I think people will be engaged when they get a chance to see what we’re all about. People hear about us, they know our names, and this way, they can see what’s going on in Europe, what’s going on in Australia, see how we actually live our life. I think it’ll be pretty rad. We’ve spent Monday nights on the strip for fourteen years and that’s the longest-running heavy metal show in the history of Hollywood. So we were thinking that we deserve a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Part of the journey with Steel Panther will be us getting that star. Gotta fight the cause!”

Holy crap, negotiating for a year? That sounds like a total fucking nightmare. How do TV execs not see the brilliance of this band? If I ran a network, I’d basically write them a blank check and get the fuck out of their way. Which is probably why I don’t run a network.

Fingers crossed that this finally comes to fruition some time soon!!!

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