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Here’s the Cover Art for Slipknot’s Next Single, “The Devil in I”

  • Axl Rosenberg

This is the cover art for “The Devil in I,” which will be the next single from the new Slipknot album, the title and release date for which we still do not know. (It’s actually being called “the first single” from the album, which makes no sense to me seeing as there has already been a single and it’s on sale and everything, but okay whatever.) I don’t really have anything to say about it, because it’s pretty plain and boring — it’s just a dude wrapped in a blanket, so I guess he’s the devil and the blanket is I. Fascinating metaphor, really.

So, sorry to post such blatant click bait. But you guys are rrrrrrreeeeeaaaaalllllyyyy excited about this new Slipknot album. You’d think it came with free salad tosses or something.

Slipknot - The Devil in I

[via The PRP]

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