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Watch this Twelve-Year-Old Swedish Kid Nail a Vocal Cover of Soilwork’s “Stabbing the Drama”


When I was twelve years old I was most definitely NOT cool enough to know about whoever the modern-day equivalent of Soilwork was back then. In my rotation was a constant mix of Van Halen, Guns N’ Roses, myriad grunge bands and Boyz II Men… maybe some Billy Joel, too.  I had no idea of anything that was going on beneath the surface, let alone in another country!

I guess it’s different when you’re from Sweden, a country so rich in metal heritage they probably read fairytales of At the Gates and Dark Tranquillity at kindergarten storytime hour. But man, this twelve-year-old kid nailing Soilwork’s “Stabbing the Drama”… awesome! Sure, his voice isn’t quite in Speed Strid’s register yet, but give it a few years. Shit, when Stabbing the Drama came out this kid was three years old. Fuck!

Also: sick hair, dude. Kid is clearly destined to be a metal vocalist!

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