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Motley Crue’s Mick Mars is Considering a Reunion with ex-Vocalist John Corabi


Mick Mars / John published a quick, fun Q&A with Motley Crue yesterday, and there are some pretty neat nuggets contained therein. For example:

  • They’re still insisting the current tour will really be their final one.
  • The Dirt movie is moving forward: Nikki and Tommy just attended a two-hour table read.
  • They’d like to do their final show ever at The Whiskey in Los Angeles.

But the most intriguing bit comes from sexagenarian guitarist Mick Mars, who revealed that he’d be open to working with ex-Motley Crue vocalist John Corabi on a side project:

“John and I have been talking bout writing some stuff,” he says. ” A full-blown tour hasn’t been discussed, but it’s possible.”

The John Corabi era of Motley Crue is oft-maligned, but there was some really decent material on the one album on which he appeared, 1994’s self-titled. It may’ve disappointed the fans — whoever was left of them after grunge came in and swept the Crue away, anyway — but at the very least it was an attempt to move forward, not to remain stuck in or re-hash the past.

A Mars / Corabi collabo would be pretty neat, wouldn’t it?  I’d bet any Mars/Corabi project wouldn’t sound much like Motley Crue at all; hopefully it’d be something way bluesier and out there. I just love Corabi’s voice, and I believe Mars has some good licks left in him that he can’t use within the confines of shitty new Crue music. So: I dig!

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