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Check Out Devil You Know / All Shall Perish Guitarist Francesco Artusato’s New Solo Track “Gates of Reason”


Francesco Artusato - Our Dying SunAll Shall Perish / Devil You Know shredder Francesco Artusato released his sophomore solo album Chaos and the Primordial all the way back in 2011, but it really doesn’t seem like it was that long ago: I guess we’ve just been seeing a lot of the guy lately, whatwith Devil You Know’s recent success and high profile. But three years is definitely quite a spell, and it seems as if Artusato’s got some good stuff in the works, whatwith Our Dying Sun coming via Sumerian Records on October 8th and a new song called “Gates of Reason” landing today on Guitar World [via The PRP].

There’s lots to like in “Gates of Reason” if you’re into this sort of music (but I imagine that if you don’t like instrumental, guitar-based metal, you won’t dig this at all). It’s got a pretty dark vibe, not unlike the Conquering Dystopia stuff we heard earlier this year, and it’s rich with layers and compositional nuance. For a guy who’s known for his virtuosity, there’s very little shreddy kinda stuff here — there are plenty of lead guitars out front in the mix, but for the most part they’re slow and deliberately placed, and they serve the greater purpose of enhancing the song and furthering the melody, not wanking for wank’s sake.

Check it out below:

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