Trash Talk’s Bad Trip is Your Gain in New Video for “The Great Escape”


Trash Talk — drone snipers, golden shower inspirers, Lil Wayne collaborators and punk rock extraordinaires — have unveiled a new music for the track “The Great Escape” via Noisey. The animated video by Jay Howell and Jim Dirschberger chronicles what happens when the three miscreants stumble upon a devious-looking convenience store beverage priced at $666 and decide to steal it rather than forking over that ridiculous sum. Insanely tripped out bad times follow!

Love that screen cap for the video still in the YouTube embed. That’s basically how I felt the first time I sipped Four Loko, back when it had alcohol and caffeine in it. Come to think of it, the events depicted in this video aren’t that far off from what happened to me next.

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