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Another New Song From Christopher Amott’s Armageddon

Photo Credit: John Fell
Photo Credit: John Fell

The two songs we’ve heard so far from Captivity and Devourment, the first new album from Christopher Amott’s on-again-off-again project Armageddon in a decade, have been AWESOME. That word is overused, but I’m not sure how else to describe them in ways that I haven’t already. The material Chris is putting out these days smokes his brother Mike’s recent work with Arch Enemy. It just feels way more fresh, interesting and unique; it doesn’t feel like you’ve heard it all already.

“Equilizer,” the third new song from Armageddon we’re hearing, is IMO the least interesting of the bunch so far and it’s also the slowest, kind of like a power ballad. But the guitar work is still absolutely stellar all the way through, and that alone makes it worth your attention. Check out a playthrough video of the track below:

Captivity and Devourment will come out at some point in the future, although the band hasn’t announced when.

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