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The Butcher Babies’ Uncovered! Album Art Looks Familiar

  • Axl Rosenberg

“Taking a page from heroes METALLICA and GUNS N’ ROSES, Los Angeles breakthrough metal act, BUTCHER BABIES, have recorded an EP of cover tunes,” announces a new press release — and they ain’t kidding. If the cover of the Butcher Babies’ Uncovered (Get it? Because it’s cover songs and the band is famous for its vocalists being naked! So clever!!!) looks familiar, that’s because it’s an homage (or rip off, depending on your point of view) of the cover for GN’R Lies:

Guns N' Roses - GNR Lies Butcher Babies - Uncovered

I’m sure it’s no coincidence that even the layout of each cover is similar: there’s a bit related to race on left side (Axl Rose weakly apologizing for the lyrics to “One in a Million,” Carla Harvey alerting the world to the fact that she’s not just “a tan white girl”), an italicized, a decoratively-bordered, italicized ad in the lower right-hand corner, the band’s name the album title in the upper left-hand corner, a reference to midgets, a promise of photos, and the placement of the word “exclusive” in virtually the same exact spot.


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So this is basically the coolest thing the Butcher Babies have ever done — I love a good easter egg! — although I do think it’s disappointing that other than the opening sentence cited at the beginning of this article, the press release makes no mention of GN’R whatsoever. There will probably be scores of young Butcher Babies fans who have never heard GN’R Lies and won’t make the connection. Which a bummer, because bigoted lyrics on one (otherwise surprisingly beautiful) song aside, Lies is a good record. Surely better than Uncovered! will end up being.

Uncovered! is out September 30 on Century Media. It features no covers of GN’R or Metallica songs, but it does have a reinterpretation an old Osmonds ditty.


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