Dope Acknowledge That They’re “Selfish,” But Their Reasoning is Screwy

  • Axl Rosenberg

dope music kills cherubs“I’m selfish, and I smoke and drink too much,” Edsel Dope (still can’t believe that’s the name he goes by) sings in Dope’s new single, “Selfish.” Which is kind of ridiculous — drinking and smoking a lot doesn’t make you selfish unless doing so prevents you from completing obligations to others (e.g., “Oh fuck I forgot to pick my kid up at school because I was high!”) or you’re just bogarting everything (e.g., “I have thirty beers in the fridge but I’m not gonna offer one to my friend because I bought those beers for ME!”). Neither of which is the case with Mr. Dope — at least, not as expressed in the song’s other lyrics.

Really, the lyrics oughta be “I’m selfish, I record and tour too much.” Because every time Dope plays music, an angel dies. That’s an irrefutable scientific fact. So.

Assuming you don’t care whether or not some poor cherub perishes, you can watch the new video for “Selfish” below. It was directed by Edsel Dope himself and debuted on Loudwire, who call it “electrifying.” So I guess that word just lost all value. The clip should be considered NSFW, and not just because your co-workers will hate you for making them listen to this crap.

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