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The Carcass-Inspired Hipster Grinder Sandwich: Yummy!

  • Axl Rosenberg

Are you so metal that even your meals need to be the extremiest of the extreme? Well then, you’re gonna love this: The Hipster Grinder Sandwich was created by chef John Hurkes for the magazine Rice and Bread (side note: there is a magazine called Rice and Bread), and not only does it look delicious, and not only does it have a hilarious name, but it was inspired by Carcass’ most recent release, Surgical Steel. The article which accompanies the recipe promises that “Spicy notes of habanero are diminished by the swagger of blast beats and that classic Carcass groove.”

Photo by John Hurkes
Photo by John Hurkes

Funny enough, The Hipster Grinder is a vegetarian dish, consisting of Portobello mushrooms, peppers, onions, black bean croquettes, cheese fondue, and sliced habanero cheese. So you don’t hafta eat an actual carcass while enjoying some Carcass!

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