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Faith No More for Young ‘Uns: Fall Asleep to “Falling to Pieces”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Dunno whether or not you folks are familiar with Roma Music Group’s various lullaby collections, but the gist of it is this: they pick an artist and do an album’s worth of covers of said artist, all in the style of a lullaby. It’s a smart marketing gimmick, to be sure — babies dunno what the fuck they’re listening to and will most likely be fine with it as long as it’s gentle, and parents would rather listen to some version of a song they love than the whatever standard lullaby one might traditionally play for his or her offspring.

I’m listened to a sampling of these albums on Spotify, and the funny thing is, they’re actually pretty good. I mean, I don’t foresee myself rocking any on my iPhone anytime soon, but if some poor woman is ever unlucky enough to birth my wretched hellspawn, I would definitely use these to try and get the lil’ fucker to go to sleep. Well, either these or Slayer. Same diff, right?

ANYWAY, the latest addition to this ongoing series focuses on Faith No More, and the lullaby version of “Falling to Pieces” is now available below for your listening pleasure, as well as the listening pleasure of your child. Don’t fret; these lullabies are all instrumental, so you don’t have to worry about Mike Patton’s neurosis seeping into your baby’s subconscious or having to explain what the word “equilibrium” means to your toddler.

WARNING: this could put you to sleep… but not in a bad way.

Lullaby Versions of Faith No More comes out September 16. In case you somehow missed the news yesterday, Faith No More are currently in the studio working on their first new album in almost twenty years. Get all the details we have thus far here.

[via Classic Rock]

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