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What is Ozzy Osbourne’s Hell Gate?

  • Axl Rosenberg

Ozzy Osbourne's Hell Gate

So last night, Ozzy Osbourne launched a Facebook page for something called Hell Gate… but nobody knows what the fuck it is. Probably not even Ozzy.

Classic Rock speculates that since that the page is listed under “Attractions/Things to Do,” Hell Gate “could be a link with Universal Studios for its annual Halloween Horror Nights event,” which last year featured a maze based on Black Sabbath’s 13. That’s just anti-climatic enough to be plausible –remember, the last time everyone got into a tizzy over some Ozzy mystery project, it turned out to be his umpteenth greatest hits collection.

Still, there is the possibility that Hell Gate is something that’s actually interesting, like the Ozzman’s long-gestating musical about Rasputin, or a reality show where the loser has to marry Kelly Osbourne. That certainly sounds hellish to me.sharknado-2-kelly-osbourne-head

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