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  • Axl Rosenberg

Battle of the Divine Heresies

Welp, this just became my favorite story of the week.

We may no longer have two versions of Queensrÿche, and we may no longer have two versions of L.A. Guns, and we may no longer have two versions of Great White… but it looks like we are about to enter the age of the Divine Heresies.

After original Divine Heresy vocalist Tommy Vext and drummer Tim Yeung announced yesterday that they were reviving the band, founding guitarist Dino Cazares vehemently denied that the reunion was taking place, first on Twitter, and then on the Divine Heresy’s Facebook page:

Just as the Vext/Yeung statement raised many questions, so, too, does Cazares’. Questions such as:

  • After all his years in the biz, is it really possible Dino didn’t take the necessary steps to ensure that he owns the band’s name? And if he did take those steps, what the hell are Vext and Yeung doing?
  • Doesn’t the mere fact that Dino posted ON THE BAND’S FACEBOOK PAGE kinda settle this?
  • Why the hell is anyone squabbling over the Divine Heresy brand? Was this band a bajillion times more popular than I remember them being?
  • Am I the only one who actually be more excited for Vext and Yeung’s collaboration if it wasn’t called Divine Heresy?

In any case, I really, really, REALLY hope we do end up with two Divine Heresies. Not because I was a huge fan of that band or anything. Just for the comedy of it all.

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