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Listen to Ben Koller’s Isolated Drum Tracks from Converge’s You Fail Me

  • Axl Rosenberg

As if all that sweet first-person drum cam footage he’s been releasing wasn’t enough, Converge’s Ben Koller (also of Mutoid Man and All Pigs Must Die fame) has now posted his isolated drums (save for a scratch guitar track) from 2004’s You Fail Me  online (except for two songs, “In Her Shadow” and “Hanging Moon,” which weren’t recorded at guitarist Kurt Ballou’s God City Studios). That release had the unfortunate luck of being the band’s first new studio album after 2001’s instant classic, Jane Doe, and so, as a result, has always been somewhat underrated (insofar as anything Converge does is ever underrated — let’s be real, this band’s fanbase is fiercely passionate). Maybe this will make you appreciate the album more, or maybe it’ll just remind you of what a monstrous drummer Koller is. Either way… you win!

Here’s the isolated drum tracks…

…and here’s the whole album, in case you’ve either somehow never heard it (how is that possible???) or you just need a refresher (ditto!):

[via The PRP]

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