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Sleep’s “Dragonaut”: Now 50% Faster

  • Axl Rosenberg

Sleep Band PhotoAre you one of those people who is all “Awww, Sleep sucks, I hate slow metal!” Well then this might appeal to you: according to Metal Injection, ” Youtube user carace777 uploaded a new version of [Sleep’s] classic track ‘Dragonaut’ that he sped up 50% and then corrected the pitch.” The resulting track basically sounds like a song by The Sword, right down the vocals. So I guess it basically sounds like an Ozzy-era Sabbath song. But not one of the slower ones. You get what I’m saying.

Here’s the sped-up version…

…and here’s the original, which I’m assuming you’ve heard but I’m including anyway so you don’t have to go to your music library or open a new browser tab or in any way utilize more mental and physical energy:

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