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Cavalera Conspiracy Experience “Babylonian Pandemonium”


Cavalera Conspiracy - Bonzai Kamikazi

Cavalera Conspiracy continues to be the most Sepultastic thing Max Cavalera has done since leaving the band that made him famous — not entirely surprising, given that the involvement of his brother, Igor (Iggor? Igggor? Can someone please settle how many “g”s are in this dude’s name once and for all?!?!), means CC has as many members of the classic Sep line-up as the current version of ‘Tulra does.

So while Max’s expressed desire for he and his brother to record a grind album has yet to come to fruition, there’s still good reason to be excited for the duo’s new album, Babylonian Pandemonium. Unless you dislike classic Sepultura, in which case you’re on the wrong website, and I think you’d like it better here.

ANYHOOZLE, Cavalera Conspiracy recently debuted the title track from BP during a live performance in South America. Like the album’s first single, “Bonzai Kamikazi” — and most other CC music — it sounds like the Sepultura reunion album for which we have so long clamored. Hopefully the rest of the album is this good.

Babylonian Pandemonium comes out November 4 on Napalm.

[via The PRP]

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