Steel Panther, Rob Riggle, and Lil’ Jon Wrote a Song to Taunt a Bunch of Retired NFL Players


Although I don’t actually care about football, I do care about The League. And one joke from the show I particularly enjoyed saw Nick Kroll’s character, Ruxin — to whom I strongly relate in a number of ways — taunting his competitors after a season’s victory with “The Shiva Bowl Shuffle,” a parody, of course, of course, of the Bears’ “Super Bowl Shuffle.”

I thought of this upon learning about the below video, “Hail to the Victor,” which is ostensibly a new Steel Panther song reminding the world that comedian Rob Riggle — who for some reason appears on Fox NFL Sunday — for making more correct picks for last year’s games than any of his co-hosts. (Of course) I love some good smack talk, I love Steel Panther, and I love Rob Riggle, so despite the fact that I give zero shits about professional sports, this still tickled me.

Also, Lil’ Jon is in it because he apparently helped write the lyrics, which is kinda random.

Also also, the song is almost as catchy as any “regular” Steel Panther tune! You will definitely have “Rob Riggle Won!” stuck in your head for several hours after watching this. Consider yourself warned.

[via Metal Insider]

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