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The Return of The Red Chord!

  • Axl Rosenberg

TRCblackThe Red Chord never really officially broke-up or went on hiatus or whatever, but, they’ve been missing from our lives for far too long now: they haven’t released an album since 2009’s Fed Through the Teeth Machine, and they haven’t played live (that I’m aware of) since 2011. Meanwhile, vocalist Guy Kozowyk became a cop, while guitarist Mike “Gunface” McKenzie concentrated on multiple other musical endeavors.

And then last year, McKenzie gave fans hope, stating that although the band were “in a state of limbo,” they had “some things on the horizon.”

Well, ladies and germs, it’s been a long journey, but we have reached the horizon.

The band has announced that they’ll play Pump Up the Volume Fest on November 8 in Japan. I can’t seem to find a listing of other bands on the bill, but whatever; if The Red Chord are gonna be there, it’s gonna be killer.

Between you me and the wall, I’ve heard that they’re working on at least one U.S. show as well. You didn’t hear that from me though.

We’ll give you more details as soon as they’re available. In the meantime… get stoked, and keep your fingers crossed that these dudes get to make some new music and do some real touring.

[via Heavy Blog is Heavy]

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