Unsigned and Unholy

Unsigned and Unholy: Singularity, Orphans of Dusk, Satariel


SingularityArizona progressive black metallers Singularity (how has there not been a metal band named Singularity yet??) call to mind the forward-thinking, ambitious song structures and musicianship of bands like Castevet and Keep of Kalessin, displaying a remarkable sense of what makes a good song that’s well beyond their years and unafraid to push beyond the tropes that commonly constitute black metal. Singularity will release their self-titled full-length, their first, on September 23rd, and it’ll be available on Bandcamp. Ray Kurzweil would approve.

Orphans of Dusk channel the dark, gothic vibes of Type O Negative and the doomy down-troddenness of Paradise Lost but channel them through a modern metal aesthetic. Stream “Starless” below courtesy of Metal Underground:

Though Sweden’s Satariel have been a band for over twenty years and they’ve released albums via Regain and Candlelight Records, they’re currently on their own label, Alakangas Media, so we’re gonna give ’em an “unsigned” mulligan here. The band released the EP White Ink: Chapter One this summer, their first new music since 2007, and “Daemons” showcases everything we love about Swedish melodeath without any of the aspects that’ve become cliche.

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