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Exclusive Track Premiere: Zapruder’s “Monkey On My Back”


Zapruder - Fall in Line

Zapruder are a French band that take their name from the Ukranian man who filmed the assassination of an American president. I mention this fact not because it’s funny (although it is kinda funny), but because this total lack of identification with any one nationality and, by extension, any one ideology reflects in the band’s music: they’re another prime example of the way in which so many 21st century metal musicians, weaned on a wide variety of metallic subgenres which were all supposed to go together like oil and water, now amalgamate those varied styles into something new and exciting. Press materials classify the band as “post-mathcore,” but that doesn’t quite cover it all. As demonstrated by their song “Monkey On My Back,” Zapruder owe as much to groove, doom, black and stoner metal as they do to mathcore. They’re not interested in being filed under a neat column; they’re interested in tearing that column down, and using the remnants to skin you.

MetalSucks is thrilled to present “Monkey On My Back” for your listening pleasure below. It will appear Zapruder’s debut album, Fall in Line, which comes out October 20 on Apathia Records. Once you’ve heard this song, you’re gonna wanna pre-order the album, which you can do  here and here. You can also watch a trailer for the release here.

Now rip it!!!

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