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Papa Roach’s Coby Dick Made Out with His Uncle, Got Herpes

  • Axl Rosenberg

Coby Dick HerpesThe PRP reports that Papa Roach vocalist Coby Dick (he’s gone by the name “Jacoby Shaddix” for at least a decade now, but he’ll always be Coby Dick to me!) recently revealed the incredibly romantic story of his first kiss to Hit The Floor. And that swoon-inducing story goes a little something like this:

“My first kiss was when my uncle kissed me and he gave me herpes. It was terrible. Anybody else got herpes? Yeah, you do. Don’t lie to yourself.”

“How can the Cobemeister be so flip about incest with his Uncle Roach?” you’re probably wondering, “And why would he accuse ME of also having the herp?” But keep in mind that this is the dude who helped write “Last Resort.” Clearly, he has suffered neurological damage as a result of the herpes getting to his brain, poor fella. So you gotta cut him slack. Just be proud that he doesn’t piss and shit himself all the time, y’know?

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