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The Name of GWAR’s Newest Member Rhymes with “Mulvatron”

Photos from Riot Fest by Jose Calvo / Hillary Higgins of Red Eye Chicago / Laurie Fanelli of AXS
Photos from Riot Fest by Jose Calvo / Hillary Higgins of Red Eye Chicago / Laurie Fanelli of AXS

Update, 3:44 p.m.: A new press release from GWAR makes it clear that Vulvatron is NOT the new co-lead vocalist of the band, although she is clearly involved in some capacity. The press release reads:

“GWAR, the most brutal band in existence, has bolstered its ranks leading up to the GWAR Eternal Tour.  The Berserker Blóthar and Vulvatron are the latest intergalactic warriors to be banished to the pathetic mudball known as Planet Earth. Blóthar; a fat, filthy, frozen space viking, will take over as GWAR’s lead vocalist. The role of the red-hot cybernetic spitfire known as Vulvatron is more mysterious…Both will feature prominently in the anticipated GWAR Eternal Tour – which promises to be the most shocking and entertaining rock show of the year! Get to know your new masters before they grind you to a bloody pulp!”

Whatever her “mysterious” role in the band is, you can catch Vulvatron and Blóthar on GWAR’s upcoming tour. Get dates here.

Who will front GWAR now that Oderus Urungus has been summoned back to Planet Scumdog for the depraved intergalactic orgy to end all depraved intergalactic orgies? The band already introduced new vocalist Blóthar (né Michael Bishop, the original Original Beefcake the Mighty) at this summer’s GWAR-B-Q, but now MetalSucks’ own “Grim” Kim Kelly reports on Wondering Sound that the band will heretofore be joined by a second vocalist… VULVATRON!

“Meet Vulvatron, a spiky purple Amazon whose massive (prosthetic) breasts occasionally shoot geysers of blood out onto her hapless audience. Vulvatron is not dancing, or breathing fire, or keeping the slaves in line (though one assumes she’ll be adept at all three). For the first time since the departure of dancer and backing singer Slymenstra Hymen (Danielle Stampe) in 2000, GWAR has a female member, and she’s the frontwoman.”

Which is obviously a big deal! Not just because Vulvatron has to help fill Oderus’ massive boots, but also because, as Kim points out —

“Vulvatron, who made her debut at the band’s recent Riot Fest gig in Chicago, marks a shift in the way GWAR female personnel have been presented onstage. Before, GWAR women like Amazina, Temptress, and to an extent Slymenstra were relegated to bit parts. Vulvatron commanded a central role, stepping away from her mic only long enough to battle her monstrous bandmates or spray the audience with goo. She’s played by Kim Dylla, an accomplished clothing designer and musician in her own right, and her appointment as the new high priestess of GWAR is going to make some waves.”

Kim also notes that Vulvatron is “just as gross and goofy as her male bandmates” — that goo she sprays the audience apparently comes out of her boobs. Which is awesome. I strongly suspect Oderus would approve.

But will fans? This is a really amazing and progressive move on GWAR’s part, but I suspect some morons will cry “gimmick.” But Vulvatron is obviously a far cry from the scene’s Winds of Plague keyboardists and Maria Brinks, women who frequently display little confidence in any of their own talents beyond being eye candy. Her sexuality is treated mostly as a joke — the same Oderus’ was (i.e., the monster phallus). She’ll sink or swim, then, based on her ability, not based on her lack of a second type of chromosome.

Below, check out some fan-filmed video of Vulvatron making her debut at Riot Fest, courtesy of Alex DrottKimberly Stahl, and ThePistol7777. You can also keep up with her via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

[via Metal Insider]

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