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Twenty Years Later, Remembering a Tragedy: Korn to Perform Entire Debut Album at Festivals

  • Axl Rosenberg

The PRP reports that a new interview with radio station WMMR, Korn’s Jonathan Davis revealed that the band will play their debut, self-titled album in its entirety at upcoming festivals to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of that record’s release. They will even perform the song “Daddy,” which is apparently a really big deal, because Davis previously said he’d never perform that track live, since it’s more than seventeen minutes long, and he didn’t wanna be held responsible for all the audience suicides that would transpire as a result of listening to a single Korn song for almost the entire length of a sitcom episode.

And I know I’m usually really down on Korn, but I actually performing this album in its entirety for its anniversary is a terrific idea. It’ll be like holding a candlelight vigil at Ground Zero on 9/11/21: NEVER FORGET.


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