Watch a Full Song from Between the Buried and Me’s Upcoming Live BluRay Release


Between the Buried and Me - FidelitoriumSomehow, some way, Paul Waggoner is able to find enough time away from his day job as MetalSucks NFL Columnist to write a metal opera and release a live DVD/BluRay with his crappy local band, Between the Buried and Me. How does he do it??

The concept of BTBAM’s live release is actually quite cool, and very different from your typical garden variety live set: it was shot in the controlled environment of a recording studio instead of in front of raucous crowds at a live show. It also features the band performing their 2012 album The Parallax II: Future Sequence in full, from start to finish, has a bunch of nifty guest musicians, was created by an A-list production team and is both the band’s and Metal Blade Records’ first ever BluRay release. Get all the details here.  Crappy local band or not, it’s starting to sound pretty neat.

The band just released a video clip of “Extremophile Elite” so we can finally see what this thing looks like… and it looks fantastic! While I’m sure some people will make the argument that live releases are best shot at regular shows because of the heightened energy level, the approach here has merit too, especially for a band like BTBAM: it’s awesome to see these guys doing their thing so up-close-and-personal without having to worry about running around the stage, headbanging, and generally “looking cool” (whatever that means) just for the sake of doing so. It really appeals to the music nerd in me, not the least of which are the guest appearances on xylophone, tuba, and a four-piece string section in this one. Totally rad.

Future Sequence: Live at Fidelitorium comes out on September 30th and can be pre-ordered here.

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