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Japanese Metal Band Hysteric Panic is [Almost] as Crazy and Weird as Maximum the Hormone [and Babymetal]


We were a bit late to the Maximum the Hormone party, having discovered them on a reader tip back in 2011, but we’ve been huge fans ever since and we’re incredibly excitebike to see them play live in NYC in November, one of just two American performances this year.

MtH’s increased American profile and Babymetal’s rising star are shining a brighter spotlight on the Japanese metal scene, and today we get something almost as weird as those two acts: Hysteric Panic. “Yu & Sorrow” combines metalcore and deathcore with J-pop choruses, which in theory should be absolutely horrible… and yet it somehow ends up being incredible. The video tracks a loose storyline of a love/hate relationship between a clown and a mascot bunny, and the gory mutilation of said bunny, and… yeah, I have no fucking idea, it’s typically Japanese and bizarre as hell. Watch!

Thanks: Gmchale

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