Metal Injection Scores First Interview with GWAR’s Latest Scumdog, Vulvatron

  • Axl Rosenberg

Although there was initially some confusion as to her exact role in the band, GWAR have indeed admitted a prominent new member to their ranks: Vulvatron! And while she’s not the first woman to ever join GWAR, she is the first woman that anyone can remember joining GWAR to share Earth Ladies’ love of selfies.

Vulvatron Selfie

Metal Injection recently scored the first interview with Ms. Tron, and although they didn’t ask the nagging question I would have (“Are you related to Voltron? Do you have a super vulva that consists of five smaller vulvas all merging together?”), they did get plenty of good intel nonetheless. Here’s a sample:

Metal Injection: I assume you are a female, is that correct?
Vulvatron: Indeed, I commend your astute observation.

You follow in the footsteps of other notable female scumdogs like Slymenstra Hymen. Do you feel those are some tough shoes to fill?
GWAR, the greatest band of all time, has a long history of GWAR women. Slymenstra Hymen is certainly the most well known and loved, and paved the way for female Scumdogs in empowered positions both in the metal and in the Universe as a whole… leaving a trail of vaginal blood in her path of destruction! In fact I was not able to fill her shoes at all, I brought my own shoes back through time with me from the year 69000- they are new for the Fall season.

It’s good to know that Vulvatron shares the same quick wit and love of bodily fluids as her new bandmates. Surely, she will help them continue to conquer our puny planet and realize the legacy of the great Oderus Urungus!

Read the entirety of Metal Injection’s interview with the woman the French call Fusion Des Vulves here.

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