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Listen to TWO Leaked Machine Head Songs Right Now


Machine Head - Bloodstone & Diamonds

UPDATE, 9/26, 4:07pm EDT: Now updated with official version of “Killers & Kings!”

Some dumbass at iTunes UK done fucked up big time and leaked not one but TWO songs from Machine Head’s new album! This being 2014, that shit was all over YouTube and Torrent sites in no time.

But rather than throw a fit about “kids today” or try to push it under the rug, Machine Head are rolling with the punches and actively promoting the songs. Given the forward-thinking stances Robb Flynn has taken over the past couple of years in his General Journals blog entries this isn’t that shocking, but it’s still really nice to see someone practicing what they preach for once.

And so: here are two brand new Machine Head songs from their upcoming album Bloodstone & Diamonds. “Now We Die” is entirely new and posted below. An earlier version of “Killers & Kings” was released as part of a record store day special edition earlier this year, and that version is posted below since I can’t find the official album version right now in my haste to get this post up in a timely manner. Send us a link to news[at] if you’ve got it and we’ll update the post later. [Now updated with official version!]

As usual, Flynn shares his thoughts on the whole leak fiasco in a typically insightful manner. Read his words here.

“Killers and Kings” demo version from April 2014:

Thanks: Dusan K.

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