Saturday Song to Get Stoned To

Saturday To Make It With God

  • Kip Wingerschmidt

godmaker_cover_final_800x800Do you wanna make it with God??  If He really made you, then He can totally do you…

A couple of years ago, my band Family played a show with Toronto’s Godstopper — a name which deftly blends sacrilege with a candy pun.  At the time I thought this was a slightly ballsy name….but it’s nothing compared to the enormous balls you have to have to name your band GOD.  And yet it’s been done before.  A couple times, actually.

I say better to keep it classy and, y’know, br00tal….as is the case with Brooklyn’s Godmaker.

To presume that if there indeed is a G-d that created our big dumb universe, he/she/it/X must have been forged by something himself/herself/itself/X-self… well g-ddamn, that is quite a heady concept.  And then to posit that your earthly music should be represented by such a lofty name/concept?  Well obviously it would take a seriously mighty band to back up such a claim.

Thankfully, the dudes that comprise Godmaker are no slouches in the heavy department whatsoever — conversely, this band of beardos bring the thunder with an unbridled fury that would fell Zeus himself…

And the group’s forthcoming self-titled debut on Aqualamb Records (to be released on 11/11, pre-order here) doesn’t disappoint.  Check out the first track “Megalith” below…  I wonder if G-d would approve?

While we’re at it — oh my GAWD, let’s get even more sacrilegious!



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