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Apparently It’s Cool for Rappers to Wear Burzum Shirts Now


bonesEither the rapper known as Bones is taking an ironic stance, he’s woefully ignorant or just think he looks cool in a Buzrum t-shirt. But at least there’s this: he’s white, unlike the “stereotypical negroes” in hip hop outfit World’s Fair — one of whose members rocks a Burzum shirt on an album cover photo — so presumably Varg Vikernes wouldn’t have a problem with that.

Still, two points are enough to draw a line, and this budding trend of rappers wearing Burzum t-shirts is mighty puzzling. Bones’s video for “Curduroy” is weird enough on its own — it looks as if it was shot with a late ’80s / early ’90s VHS camcorder, the dude is headbanging violently in the woods, his rapping is mediocre at best and yet it’s got over 30,000 views — and then there’s that Burzum shirt, sticking out like a canary in a coal mine.

What’s next? Metal bands wearing Gravediggaz shirts? Actually that’d be kinda sweet.

Read more about Bones in this LA Weekly expose, if you’re interested. Fun facts: he’s only 19 years old and his real name is Elmo!

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