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The Return Of Finch: Should You Care?

  • Anso DF

Finch Back To Oblivion

Back To Oblivion isn’t the return of Finch, it’s the re-return of Finch. After two albums of promising, occasionally awesome screamo and post-hardcore, the band folded in 2006, then resurfaced with shows and an EP in 2009. But it didn’t work out and again hiatus awaited. And that’s when Finch doomed their fans to skepticism via the explanation of this second break-up: Their growth as musicians was in the way of their collaboration as Finch. They’d moved on.

But a few years later, a round of tenth anniversary shows for their debut What It Is To Burn — think less classy than Poison The Well and more classy than Glassjaw — spurred a second reunion and finally a third album. So, listening to Back To Oblivion, can fans strike from their minds the thought that the men of Finch are repressing their growth and playing down to Finch’s vibe, like a MMA champ tussling playfully with a nephew? Or does B2O ring true, like that MMA champ encountering his high school bully at a bar and stomping him into paste? Orrrr, is this now the true birth of Finch, like the MMA champ karate-kicking jetliners from our very skies? Check it out (via Red Bull):

Finch’s Back To Oblivion is out today via Razor & Tie. Order here and here
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