Watch Ex-Dream Theater Keyboardist Derek Sherinian Play Van Halen’s “Spanish Fly” on the Piano


Van Halen II

I fucking love Van Halen. Why no respect for Mr. EVH these days? I rarely hear him cited as an influence by modern guitar players, and it saddens me. EVERY SINGLE MODERN METAL GUITAR PLAYER OWES HIS CAREER TO EDDIE VAN HALEN! Bow down.

Derek Sherinian knows the deal, and he’s not even a guitar player. Besides his five-year stint in Dream Theater, Sherinian has toured and recorded with Alice Cooper, Kiss, Billy Idol, Allan Holdsworth, Yngwie Malmsteen, Billy Sheehan, Zakk Wylde and Slash, so the guy knows a thing or two about music. Guitar World posted this clip of him covering Van Halen’s 1979 acoustic instrumental ditty “Spanish Fly” and it’s pretty badass; check it out below along with the original.

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