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Let’s Poke Fun at These Veil of Maya Vocal Audition Videos


Veil of Maya vocal audition roundupVeil of Maya parted ways with vocalist Brandon Butler last week, thereby ensuring that future generations of VoM fans will only have the pleasure of witnessing the most hilariously stereotypical stage voice ever via the collective conscious memory of YouTube. But fear not! Despite the fact that Veil of Maya have not announced they’re holding open auditions for a replacement — and the fact that common logic would dictate they’ve already got someone in mind for the Knotfest gig that’s just a month away — that hasn’t stopped dozens of would-be screamers from performing Veil of Maya classics such as “THIS! NEXT! SONG! IS! CALLED!” and “I! WANNA! SEE! A! CIRCLE PIT!” for all the world to see. Below, some of our favorite Veil of Maya vocal auditions from around the YouTubes:

Sickest skullet since Devin Townsend cut his (keep rockin’ it, dude):

Sweet ear plugs (really showing that originality and identity!), but the Suffokate vocal audition session already ended, bruh:

This guy wins in the siqqest tattoos and most disaffected swoopy haircut departments:

OK, no, THIS GUY wins in the most disaffected swoopy haircut department. Also I’m sure that if the VoM guys were to watch this they’d be really interested in hearing the life story he tells during the first minute of the video:

This dude is actually singing to an audience of his dog:

If nothing else, this cat will be incredibly skilled at putting his foot up on the monitor:

There’s nothing especially funny about this one except for the fact that the guy claims to be from Detroit (but is probably from Livonia or Waterford or something):

Looks like a nice feller. Maybe he’s be able to follow in the Brandon Butler school of inadvertently hilarious stage banter?

Is that a Cristina Scabbia poster? If so Veil of Maya should definitely hire this guy:

It’s almost 2015. Learn to record video in landscape mode!

This guy is actually pretty good… I just find it amusing that he’s singing into an iPod:

Love the idea of a female lead vocalist in Veil of Maya… she slays the competition! Siqq high-waisted, stone-washed mom jeans too:

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