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Necrosexual’s Interview with Anvil is the Most Hilariously Awkward Thing Ever


Anvil / NecrosexualOh, Anvil. Rescued from sad-sack obscurity by a heart-warming documentary, then promptly forgotten and scuttled right back to said obscurity. It was a good run! Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all… or something.

Necrosexual, lover of all things dark and grim — and Franzia — recently caught up with “the Canadian demi-Gods of heavy metal,” and the results are typically Necrosexualian: extremely awkward, in the best / most hilarious way possible. Steve “Lips” Kudlow totally “gets it” — or at the very least finds Necrosexual’s antics entertaining — while drummer Robb Reiner seems either less than amused, completely confused or both. Watch:

Can someone please get this guy in a room with Manowar?

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