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Old Man Gloom’s “Predators” is Like “AAAAAAARRRGGGGHHHH!!!”


old man gloom predatorsAs much as I dug “The Lash,” the first song to be released from Old Man Gloom’s forthcoming The Ape of God, “Predators,” the second song to be released from the album, crushes it underfoot like a mouse beneath a rhinoceros. Upon hearing it for the first time, I headbanged (headbung?) with such force that I hurt my neck. Seriously, it’s more brutal than being forced to sit through every Predator movie that isn’t the original Predator back-to-back without the aid of drugs, alcohol, or bathroom breaks. OUCH.

Check out “Predators” below, courtesy of Noisey. The Ape of God comes out November 11 on Profound Lore and SIGE.

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