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Animal Smother: Today Is The Day’s New Record Streaming!

  • Anso DF

Today Is The Day animal Mother

When thinking of Steve Austin, a metal dude may be reminded of his former bandmates who went on to form Mastodon. Or of his hot-blooded productions of bands like Lamb Of God and Converge. Or of the fretful, filthy sound of his band Today Is The Day, whose tenth album is out Tuesday. What probably never comes to mind is slick industrial rockers Filter of “Hey Man Nice Shot” fame. But weirdly, Filter is came to my mind like 20 seconds into the first track of that new album, Animal Mother, all of which is streaming here (via Lambgoat).

Why? Well, the jam — which shares a title with its album — may remind you of “Cancer,” one of Filter’s great pre-sobriety epics of despair. It bubbles, plods, whispers, and explodes at the same rate as “Cancer.” It foretells doom and self-destruction like “Cancer.” Its first lines sound similar, too: “Under the ocean/Under the sea/You won’t be the one there/Be one with me” (Today Is The Day); “I cross the oceans/I cross the seas/I cross the mountains/Like a new disease” (Filter). Random right?

Crank and compare here.

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