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Listen: New Revocation Jam “Eyes” The Prize


Revocation - Deathless

The third song on any album has to be great. Once a listener completes its first two songs, the newness of “being in a state of listening to said album” has faded a bit. Our ears are no longer starved for this music; they’ve just rocked two songs’ worth. But then here comes track three, the record’s first song that can’t ride a wave of novelty, the song that acts as a promise to listeners that its authors can make more than a few minutes of interesting jams, and the song that is those authors’ demand for your continued attention. Maybe numero trés changes up the pace, via midtempos (like “Cherry Waves” on Saturday Night Wrist) or extra zip (“Speak” on Operation: Mindcrime); regardless, it’s always a highlight of a real album. Accordingly, if #3 rips, then the record has a shot at awesomeness.

That’s a good sign for Revocation and their upcoming album Deathless, cuz its third song “Labyrinth Of Eyes” is awesome. It starts simply enough like a noodly-riffed modern metal jam, but it’s ordinary only for about ten seconds before its guitars take on an arch vibe and its vocals go all Gojira-style harmony. Non-fans of tight modern post-thrash won’t convert for “Labyrinth”‘s parts, but for its assemblage, like a ho-hum shirt that turns dazzling once stretched across the right pair of knockers/dude pecs. That analogy might not work, let’s move on :) Listen below via Invisible Oranges!

Revocation’s fifth album Deathless is out Tuesday via Metal Blade. Read the MetalSucks review here and this is fancy too. Pre-order here and here

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