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Hello Awesome New Song By The Darkness (kinda)


The Darkness 2014

You may be too busy shopping for bodysuits worn by The Darkness singer Justin Hawkins to have noticed that a Hawkins composition appears on the new album by alternative rockers Weezer. The jam, titled “I’ve Had It Up To Here,” arrives amid a lot of teasing by Hawkins of the fourth Darkness record, which must be mostly complete by now. So it’s a welcome taste of fresh Hawkins material, though you’d be correct to point out that we have to settle for its performance by, y’know, clever thick-rimmed glasses types, like the Sistine Chapel painted by a dude standing on a shorter ladder. You’d also be correct to point out that Weezer can be heavier than The Darkness, though in this case the latter basically impersonates the former. And as usual, Hawkins’ lyrics rule! We love it!

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