Friggin' Danzig

Best Video Ever of the Day: A Slowed Down Remix of Danzig’s “Mother”


Glenn Danzig - Songs About My CatBecause we were nerding out at Comic Con when this video hit the Interwebs last week, and because anything involving Glenn Danzig is never not funny: here’s a remix of Danzig’s “Mother” featuring a slowed down isolated vocal track laid on top of dark, ambient synths.

Side note: are there other isolated Danzig vocal tracks out there ripe for manipulation? Can we please get our hands on some??

This remix comes to us from Metal Insider, was put together by brothers Kyle and Dean Hurley, and is entitled “Mother / The Catch Up.” It’s the most glorious thing you’ll hear all day, and somehow it makes the original “Mother” music video even better / more lulzy than it already was.

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