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Best Time-Waster Ever of the Day: a Fenriz-themed Version of Flappy Bird


Flap-kvlt FenrizOnce upon a time there was Flappy Bird, a maddeningly difficult mobile game whose creator preemptively yanked it from existence in order to generate a crapload of hype. It worked, and the dude was reportedly raking in $50k/day in ad revenue at the game’s peak.

If only the genius behind Flap-kvlt Fenriz could reap the same rewards for his ingenuity the world would truly be a just place. The graphics are appropriately crude and the gameplay fittingly simple, true tr00 to the spirit of the Darkthrone ethos. So far I’ve managed to score a whopping 16 points — a far cry from the incredible 38 I somehow managed to crush on a two-day, meth-fueled Flappy Bird binge — but I feel pretty darned badass for doing so. And I get to stare at Fenriz’s grimacing mug each and every time as a bonus, making for satisfying gameplay whether I win or die.

Play the game here. You’ve been warned.

Thanks: Arys W.

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