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OH NOES! Slipknot’s Plans to Burn Camel Sh*t Shut Down by Authorities

  • Axl Rosenberg

corey taylor rides a camelHoly mother of Mercyful Fate!!! You thought they had things rough in Russia, where authorities are now routinely shutting down metal shows? That’s NOTHING compared to the fascist pigs who run the great state of California: TMZ reports that fire officials have nixed the band’s plan to have “The Scent of Slipknot” — burning camel shit and oil — permeate this month’s Knotfest. Apparently, it’s illegal to burn oil in Cali (which really makes no sense, because a) the band has already said there won’t be any oil in the flaming, camel crap-filled trashcans on the festival grounds, and b) that would make the entire city of Los Angeles illegal), and they’re worried that “the odor of flaming feces could be considered a public nuisance.” Like hell, you say!

And when one considers that all the band is trying to do is give the fans a scent which will forever remind them of their Maggot Family, well… what the authorities are doing here is CLEARLY evil. Reps for the band say they’re taking their own advice and trying to find a way to pull this feat off, well… I don’t think anyone should be surprised if The Man continues to keep them down.

Tragic. Just tragic.

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