The Webernets Web Developer: Working with Devin Townsend is “About as Crazy as you can Imagine” (Plus: an Easter Egg!)


Ziltoid websiteMetalSucks reader Ryan P. has sent us an interview with John Bower, the man who built Devin Townsend’s visually stunning and deliciously old-school new website. For the masses the interview is mostly about as boring as you might expect, although some small percentage of uber-nerds will surely be able to make heads and tails of knowledge like this:

I’m starting to get more into AngularJS and Node. I think MEAN servers are the future and will take over from LAMP stacks soon. I’ve written an anonymous chat room web client,, using Node and, but that’s about it so far.

But read the interview anyway, even if you’re not a code freak! Bower talks a bit about the process of working with Devin:

What is the atmosphere like in a creative meeting with Devin Townsend?

It’s about as crazy as you can imagine. Without doubt the guy is a genius and he’s not afraid to shout out the most ridiculous ideas. The problem is that you want to make them happen. He sort of fuels your own creativity and you start to wonder if this impossible thing he’s just said is actually doable.

Just what you’d expect, right? Devin’s imagination knows no bands. I’d hate to be the guy in the room to tell him “no” when he proposes some zany ideas, the way someone surely did when he first started spouting off about this alleged coffee-loving “Ziltoid” character from outer space.

Bonus: apparently there’s an easter egg hidden within the code of Something to do with a kind of “bedtime story.” Any developers in the MS populace care to share what that could be all about?

Read the full interview here.

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